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I still cant believe I am engaged. 


Sunggyu - Infinite

/needs to not ony fix his theme but go on a spam to make up for being gone forever.


130101 Henry Weibo Update

@GenNeo!! 我是哈里坡特!

[Trans] @GenNeo!! I’m Harry Potter!

@henrylau89: happy new year everyone! have a good one! dun party too hard! here’s a lil vid for u !

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My parents need to realize that some of the things they say actually hurt me.

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Byeeeee Ppyong. -calls out some as he throws on a jacket after his shoes are on and tied up, shrugging his shoulders- Let’s hope so? I have no idea what you have planned.

-chuckles slightly as he grabs the last bag before leading you out to the hallway and to the elevator- Come on and youll find out. Its nothing big to be honest.. 

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-wrinkles his nose a bit, looking over at Ppyong and whispering- Be back later~ -chuckles, shutting off the lights and coming to get his own shoes and coat on- This will be funnn~


Lose My Heart on We Heart It.


Sunggyu at M Countdown [6p]

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 His eyes...